10 Best Salsa Songs to Practise to!

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2020

Practising your steps as a beginner is hard enough, you shouldn't have to scour through thousands of fast songs just to find one slow enough to practise with!


Here's our top 10 Salsa songs for beginners to practise with!

10 BEST SALSA SONGS for Beginners to Practise to!


I (very frequently) get asked to recommend salsa songs which are good for beginners to practise to. This is awesome, because I love that our beginner students are recognising the importance of consistent listening to music to learn the salsa rhythm and musicality…but it’s also quite repetitive having to repeat the list again and again…so, here’s my definitive list of Salsa Songs that I recommend for beginners to practise to!


First though, let me explain why I chose these particular salsa songs for beginners!


1. They aren’t too fast. Some Salsa songs are really fast, and obviously, this makes it very difficult for beginners to focus on the music, while...

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Meet the Crew: Willow

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2020

My name is Willow. I am a salsa instructor at The Salsa Foundation. I discovered salsa essentially through a random person on the street. It was my first day in uni. I just finished feeling happy and I came across a fundraiser in the middle of Burke street, we were just talking about random stuff and she brought me into her crew. From there I started meeting people and one person I met went to an old school that I used to go to. I asked her what kind of hobbies was she into and she said she was into dancing and I'm like, "I've always wanted to learn how to dance." "Ah, what kind of dance would you learn if you were to dance?" "Salsa. Sexy." So she's like, "Oh, I know this great salsa school just down the road over there and you learned salsa free." I'm like, "That sounds fun. Hook me up, when does it start?".

And, yeah, three weeks later I came 30 minutes late to my first beginner's class. Right when they're doing the he turn, she turns and, yeah, did it seven times and never looked...

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$5 Parking Now Available at The Salsa Foundation

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Parking at The Salsa Foundation

For your convenience, we now have $5 flat-rate parking across the road from The Salsa Foundation dance studio!

See below for instructions:





$5 parking is across the road from the studio   for parking: (book at least 2 hours prior to entry time ) 



2. select MELBOURNE as the city

3. select 120 Spencer St as the carpark

4. choose your date and time (must be between 5pm - 12am)

5. enter SALSA1 as the promo code to get $5 parking

6. enter your details

7. make payment and receive 4 digit code to enter into the parking 


* MUST BOOK at least 2 hours prior to arrival to guarantee spot  -— 


Carpark entrance is at 621 Little Collins St, Melbourne see attached images for what the entry looks like, and where it is in relation to TSF

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Salsa dancers | Soldier VS Navy Seal

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Book in for a Free Beginners Salsa class in Melbourne: here




I was on Facebook and I saw this post the other day where it was like it takes $25,000 to train a regular soldier and $2.5 million to train a navy seal and the point of the post was that you invest for the best. And I got to talking to Artia and Artia is obviously one of the best salsa dancers in the world and I asked him how much he thinks that he's spent over his career in development in becoming the dancer that he's become. And we broke it down and we discovered that he'd been dancing for 10 years or developing for 10 years and over that 10 years he'd spent approximately, like he'd have to add it up to get the exact number, but approximately $80,000 in training. So flights, including flights, flying to other parts of the world. He flew and he lived in Milan for a few months there as well and he trained every day in Milan as well.

So, private lessons, coaching rom different instructors, classes of...

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