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Salsa dancers | Soldier VS Navy Seal

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

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I was on Facebook and I saw this post the other day where it was like it takes $25,000 to train a regular soldier and $2.5 million to train a navy seal and the point of the post was that you invest for the best. And I got to talking to Artia and Artia is obviously one of the best salsa dancers in the world and I asked him how much he thinks that he's spent over his career in development in becoming the dancer that he's become. And we broke it down and we discovered that he'd been dancing for 10 years or developing for 10 years and over that 10 years he'd spent approximately, like he'd have to add it up to get the exact number, but approximately $80,000 in training. So flights, including flights, flying to other parts of the world. He flew and he lived in Milan for a few months there as well and he trained every day in Milan as well.

So, private lessons, coaching rom different instructors, classes of course, online learning material, training his body as well, fitness and all that kind of stuff. To get to the dancer he is, he estimates that he spent about $80,000 and over the 10 years, conservatively, he's invested about 3,600 to 4,000 hours just practicing solo, just practicing solo. Approximately an hour a day just practicing solo. That doesn't include the training time.

So, when you come to asking students what their goal is and how they'd like to be able to dance and a lot of them are like, "I want to dance like someone like Artia." And you ask them what they're currently investing in their dancing and for the most part they're like, "I do a $15 or a $20 class once a week, twice a week." Or maybe they're like, "I do a private lesson once a month for $100 for a private lesson." And it's just mind boggling that they think that they're going to possibly come anywhere close to getting the same result as someone like Artia or some of the professional dancers and they don't realize that they're not even scratching the surface of what that professional who they're aiming to be like invested into themself, which is just a little bit crazy, like how do you expect to get the same type of results with a fraction of the percentage invested in time, energy, resources, money and all this kind of stuff.

So, I thought that was a really eye-opening thing. It's something to consider as well. Students, if you are really keen to improve it does require a certain level of commitment, it requires a certain level of investment, and it requires a really realistic specific outlook on what you want to become and knowing the steps of how to get there, and being willing to make the sacrifices required to do that.


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