Learn the hottest latin dance in the world!

Never heard of Bachata? Do a quick search online, and find a million examples of why this sexy dance style and music is quickly rising into one of the most popular styles in Melbourne and around the world!

Free Beginners Class

6pm Tuesdays

Absolute beginners, perfect for first time dancers

Book with your partner and come together, or come solo and join the class rotation, no partner required

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Bachata Level 1.5

630pm Tuesdays 

Once you've learned the basic steps in the Free Beginners class, the next stage is the 4-week BACHATA Level 1.5 course! Learn turns and patterns you can use on the social dance floor!

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Bachata Level 2

730pm Mondays

730pm Tuesdays

This is the most popular Bachata class in Melbourne! Suitable for those who have completed Level 1.5, and are looking to learn moves, techniques, and patterns and styling that they can use social dancing.

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Bachata Level 3

730pm Mondays

For the serious Bachata Dancer! Explore intensive techniques, advance patterns and moves, and variations of Bachata styles

(assessment required)



  • Due to reopening regulations, all attendees must present a double vaccinated certificate at entry. In order to be permitted to reopen, and to avoid fines, we are required to check certificates. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Dancing is classified as an exercise, so masks are not required during dancing, but they are required before and after the dance class