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What is Bachata 1.5?

After you've learned the basics of Bachata, and you're confident with the steps, it's time to learn the moves you can use at the Latin Parties!

Bachata 1.5 is our four-week course that turns Beginners into Dancers!

If you enjoyed the moves in the Free Beginners class, had fun dancing with other Beginners, and want to be able to go to any Latin party and dance with people around the world, then this is definitely for you!

By the end of the course,

you will: 

  • Learn how to lead / follow socially

    Leading and following is the magic of partner dancing! This allows you to dance with anyone, anywhere, even if you don't speak the same language!
  • Be able to dance on rhythm with the music

    Absolutely crucial for every dancer, of every dance style! We'll teach you to be able to hear and feel the beat.
  • Add a whole series of new moves to your repertoire

    We'll teach you some of the most popular and commonly danced moves at the parties, which are the foundation of more advanced moves later!
  • Know how to dance safely and enjoyably for your partner

    As well as connection and respecting your partner, we'll also teach you how to be a safe dancer for the people around you!
  • Make a whole new crew of friends!

    Dancing with the same group of people, all starting from the same point, and all towards the same goals, sharing moments and having fun're bound to make new dance friends!

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Over 5,000 students have done Bachata Level 1.5 with us!

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What's Inside the Course?

Week 1

Lock in your foundations!

First, we start off by refining what you've learned so far! Let's really solidify your foundations...the better those are, the faster and easier you'll learn more in the near future!


  • Drill and refine your steps til they're automatic
  • How to get foolproof connection that works with everyone you dance with
  • Dance on rhythm as if you've been doing it all your life

Week 2

Variations to expand your Bachata game!

Add the extra options to your Bachata basics, to give you more variety in your dancing, and get you tearing up the dancefloor!


  • Add the box step, the in-and-out, the tango walk, and the hesitation step!

  • Start to move around the dance floor a lot more confidently

  • Unlock multidirectional movements

Week 3

Time to turn!

Crucial element to dancing: Spinning and turning! Confidence is up, and we're ready to start adding the next level to your Bachata


  • Extensive turning techniques that you'll use for years

  • Common and favourite turn pattern combinations that you can use again and again

  • How to perfect your lead and follow during turns

Week 4

The finale!

Here we do three important things to finish up your course and test to see if you've really got it!


  • Combine everything we've learned so far into an extended pattern

  • Test your freestyle (inventing your own combinations)

  • Add a finishing move!

Plus you'll get these bonuses!

Bonus 1

Video modules of all lessons

Full video explanation of every key move and concept learned in each lesson, in a private library online, with lifetime access.

$69 value

  • Login any time you want, to practise what you learned. Practise is the key!

Bonus 2

La Fiesta monthly party!

This is our favourite part! Every month we celebrate dance with our new beginners and 1.5ers, along with our advanced students and teachers, at our La Fiesta Salsa and Bachata party! (subject to DHHS restrictions allowing the party to run)

$25 value

  • It's the biggest Salsa and Bachata Party in Melbourne every month!

Here's what you get when you enrol in Level 1.5 course


  • BACHATA LEVEL 1.5 four week course - $69 Value
  • Bonus 1: Video Library - $69 Value
  • Bonus 2: La Fiesta Salsa Bachata Party - $25 Value



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We're super excited to dance Bachata with you!

When we first started dancing and then eventually teaching Bachata, there wasn't a consistent, reliable way to make sure beginners were able to learn. Most of the time it was a coin-flip whether a student would become a dancer or not.

So we developed our step-by-step program to help even the most inexperienced dancer learn everything they needed to know to get on the dance floor and have other dancers wanting and waiting to dance with them!

Our philosophy is: Dancing is for Everybody!

So come along, join the course, and surprise yourself!

See you on the dance floor...

- Jai and Diane

Warning: Bachata is addictive!

Enrol in Bachata 1.5 Today

Four class pass 


Earlybird price (normally $69)

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  • Due to reopening regulations, all attendees must present a double vaccinated certificate at entry. In order to be permitted to reopen, and to avoid fines, we are required to check certificates. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Dancing is classified as an exercise, so masks are not required during dancing, but they are required before and after the dance class