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Is salsa hard to learn? (5 Factors that determine how hard Salsa is to learn in 2020)

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

"Is Salsa Hard to Learn?"

It's a very common question that we get from our students. 

Most often, beginner students want to know whether it's hard to learn salsa.

The problem with the question is that it has a number of different factors that determine whether learning how to dance Salsa is hard.


1. Natural ability

Some people have a natural tendency to learn dance faster than others. It's like fitness, where some people have a genetic advantage. Is dance ability genetic? We're not sure, but some people certainly do seem to have a natural ability to pick it up quicker than others.


2. Previous dance experience

People who have danced other styles before can find it easier to learn salsa. Interestingly, this can also be a disadvantage at times. If you have a lot of muscle memory dedicated to a specific dance style, sometimes this can actually slow down your ability to learn something new. In general, though, previous dance experience is an advantage because of improved coordination and understanding of instructions.


3. Your learning environment

This makes a huge difference in how hard it is to learn. If you're learning in a large classroom, for instance, this might make it hard to hear or understand the instructor or get personalized feedback


4. Your instructor’s teaching methods and abilities.

If the instructor doesn't know how to explain something in multiple ways and in the simplest way possible, then it does actually make it harder for the student to learn.


5. What are you comparing the experience to?

Is salsa hard to learn compared to learning how to program a computer, or is it hard to learn compared to learning how to swim? What's considered hard for some people might be considered easy for others, if the learning process is fun, that's why at our school, we are very focused on making sure that the learning process is fun and sustainable and supported so that even if the learning process is hard, it feels easier.


There are Latin dance styles, which are “easier” to learn than salsa. For example, BACHATA. This is because Bachata has a slower tempo and simpler steps. A lot of beginners start off with Bachata, as a gateway into other dance styles.

 Consider learning both because learning each of those styles, supplements the other, and also allows you to dance more at the socials where they play both styles.

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