$5 Parking Now Available at The Salsa Foundation

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Parking at The Salsa Foundation

For your convenience, we now have $5 flat-rate parking across the road from The Salsa Foundation dance studio!

See below for instructions:





$5 parking is across the road from the studio   for parking: (book at least 2 hours prior to entry time ❗️❗️) 



2. select MELBOURNE as the city

3. select 120 Spencer St as the carpark

4. choose your date and time (must be between 5pm - 12am)

5. enter SALSA1 as the promo code to get $5 parking

6. enter your details

7. make payment and receive 4 digit code to enter into the parking 


* MUST BOOK at least 2 hours prior to arrival to guarantee spot  -— 


Carpark entrance is at 621 Little Collins St, Melbourne see attached images for what the entry looks like, and where it is in relation to TSF


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