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How Make The Most Of Your Dance Classes: Efficient & Effective Learning - by Cheryl

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2020

5 Ways To A Productive Dance Journey



1. Make The Most Of Your Dance Class

Pay attention. Skip the phone, the chit chatting and listen to what your teacher is saying. Too many times a mindless glance at messages/social media may cause you to miss out on important information.


2. Watch Videos Often

Dance is special kind of art. The more videos you watch, the better you become! Understand the moves and techniques, and breakdown what the best do. Scrutinise the videos, and try to make sense of it. You learn better when you're truly watching. 3. Learn From A Great Teacher A good teacher knows their technique and has great knowledge of the dance. A great teacher imparts this to you, and bridges the gap between the current you and the future you. Find a teacher who constantly encourages you to hone your craft - Dancing is as much about a great teacher as it is the dance. 4. Attend Classes, Socials & Workshops Involve yourself in as many classes as possible (with quality instruction), and practise often at social parties. Social dancing is a huge part of the dance, so go out there, and be a part of the community! 5. Avoid Burnout That's right! Pace yourself, especially in the first few months of learning. Realistically, you will not be able to dance every single day whilst maintaining a full time job. Always surround yourself with positive people/dancers, and you'll be laughing the whole time at class. Dancing should be a fun activity, so don't stress out! Bonus! The best way to learn, is to get INSPIRED! Take the first step, and do something you've never done before in the dance scene. Attend a festival, take a private class, or learn something out of the box from a visiting international artiste. =)



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