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10 Best Salsa Songs to Practise to!

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2020

Practising your steps as a beginner is hard enough, you shouldn't have to scour through thousands of fast songs just to find one slow enough to practise with!


Here's our top 10 Salsa songs for beginners to practise with!

10 BEST SALSA SONGS for Beginners to Practise to!


I (very frequently) get asked to recommend salsa songs which are good for beginners to practise to. This is awesome, because I love that our beginner students are recognising the importance of consistent listening to music to learn the salsa rhythm and musicality…but it’s also quite repetitive having to repeat the list again and again…so, here’s my definitive list of Salsa Songs that I recommend for beginners to practise to!


First though, let me explain why I chose these particular salsa songs for beginners!


1. They aren’t too fast. Some Salsa songs are really fast, and obviously, this makes it very difficult for beginners to focus on the music, while they’re still focusing on their steps.

2. They aren’t too “busy”. Some salsa songs can SOUND faster than they actually are! I call these “busy” Salsa songs…the tempo (BPM) isn’t particularly fast, but it’s deceiving due to the multiple layers of percussion rhythms playing simultaneously, not to mention other instruments!

3. They have one or two clear and easy-to-hear instruments that make it easier for beginners to match their steps to.

4. They don’t feature half-bars (changes from count 1 to count 5), drop offs or solos (when all the instruments stop except for one lone instrument)

They’re commonly played at Salsa Parties. Knowing these songs well can give you the inside track!


So, here goes….my list (in no particular order)


1. Fragilidad - Milagros Pineda

2. Chin Chon Chow - Louie Ramirez - Snowboy Afro Cuban Kaleidoscope

3. Mambo Diablo - Tito Puente

4. Nabori - Lucky 7 Mambo

5. La Llave - Grupo Latin Vibe

6. Nino Africano - Yuri Buenaventura

7. Caminando - La Excelencia

8. Yamulemau - Joe Arroyo

9. Ay Mi Maria - Bloque 53

10. El Timba Hermano - DJ Timba


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